How To Enrol Cryptocurrency Cards Securely

Blockchain is a new form of online payments, that has been widely adopted. When bringing blockchain into the physical world, start-ups have met a real challenge. Implementation of new payment systems in the real world takes years. Another problem is that the resources required to create card processing infrastructure from scratch are simply beyond most start-ups. Start-ups instead choose from one of the existing payment systems, such as Visa and MasterCard. A popular option is to choose a white-label service provider that will take on the burden of enrolling cards, settling payments, and carrying out all back-office operations.

Without a doubt, the biggest challenge crypto-startups face when implementing a payment solution, is that it is extremely difficult to thoroughly assess the security risks without understanding the underlying implementation and architecture. In this report, we looked at the ten most popular cryptocurrency cards and checked them against the most common security issues. As an outcome of this process, we have created checklists of the security features needed to enrol and use payment cards securely.

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