Why are we organizing a Payment Village?

Payment technologies are an integral part of our lives, yet few of us know much about them. Have you ever wanted to learn how payments work? Do you want to know how criminals bypass security mechanisms on Point of Sales terminals, ATM’s and digital wallets? Come to the Payment Village and learn how. We will teach you how hackers gain access to banking endpoints, bypass fraud detection mechanisms, and ultimately, grab the money!

Who is this for?

Whilst hacking isn't child's (cat's) play, we believe that everyone can learn a little bit more about payments. For that reason we are making the Payment Village accessible to all. DEF CON has entered SAFE MODE, the payment village will be delivering all content online! Please stay tuned for further announcements.

DEF CON Safe Mode

For DEF CON Safe Mode we bring together the foremost minds to discuss key issues in payment security and fraud. Over three days we will be hosting a selection of talks and practical exercises to get you immersed in payments. For an update list of events, please check the schedule.

How to join talks

We will live stream to Twitch and YouTube, Q&A sessions will take place on the DEF CON discord server. This server is open to anyone, to register go to DEFCON discord server

You can find us on the following social media sites:

Discord channel





Whilst we can't meet in person we'd like to keep the conference spirit going strong. Please join us on discord and participate in the discussion. We've got some beautiful stickers to give away, just ping the village staff on discord or twitter (during DEF CON 7-9th of August 2020) and we will send them to you free of charge (to anywhere in the world!).