Uri Rivner, Chief Cyber Officer | Co-founder, BioCatch

Uri Rivner has been fighting online fraud for fifteen years, working closely with major

financial institutions on developing strategies against cybercrime.

Prior to joining BioCatch, Uri served as Head of New Technologies at security giant

RSA. Innovations Uri spearheaded such as Risk-Based Authentication are now saving

the industry billions of dollars in fraud each year.

Timur Yunusov, Head of Offensive Research, Cyber R&D Lab

Timur Yunusov is the Head of Offensive Security Research and a Security Expert in the area of banking security and application security. He regularly speaks at conferences and has previously spoken at CanSecWest, PacSec. DEF CON, Black Hat USA, Black Hat Europe. 

Dr Steven J. Murdoch

Associate Professor and Royal Society University Research Fellow, University College London

Dr Steven J. Murdoch is a Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Information Security Research Group of University College London, working on developing metrics for security and privacy. His research interests include authentication/passwords, banking security, anonymous communications, censorship resistance and covert channels. He has worked with the OpenNet Initiative, investigating Internet censorship, and for the Tor Project, on improving the security and usability of the Tor anonymity system. His current research on developing methods to understand complex system security is supported by the Royal Society. He is also working on analysing the security of banking systems, especially Chip & PIN/EMV, and is Innovation Security Architect at OneSpan. He is a Fellow of the IET and BCS.  

Menaka Baskarpillai, Associate Software Engineer, Accenture

Menaka Baskerpillai working as an associate Software Enginner at Accenture. Former Microsoft Student Partner and Mozilla Firefox Student Partner. international conference speaker and a technical blogger.Microsoft certified professional in Azure and programming in c#. 

Aleksei Stennikov, Independent Security Researcher

Aleksei Stennikov is an independent security engineer, hardware expert, ICS/SCADA, and ATMs researcher.He successfully conducted numerous ATM, ICS/SCADA systems and hardware audits and researches.

He has presented and co-authored research on ATM hardware security, previously spoken at Black Hat USA 2018.

Arkadiy Litvinenko, Lead Penetration Tester, BI.ZONE

Lead Penetration Tester at BI.ZONE from 2016 (previously worked at Positive Technologies); Member of LC/BC and BalalaikaCr3w; published author in Xakep magazine (xakep.ru) and Habrahabr; Bugbounter