ATM Transaction Reversal Frauds (And how to fight them)

Hector Cuevas Cruz

Transaction Reversal Frauds (TRF) are a type of attack that doesn't require a malware, complex physical attacks or even opening an ATM, instead they abuse some business and operational rules defined by the financial institutions to cash-out an ATM. This presentation describe what Transaction Reversal Frauds are, why this type of attacks are on rise and more important, how to detect them through an integral analysis of journaling and some other logs

Racing cryptoexchanges, or how I manipulated the balances

Vahagn Vardanyan

A talk on race condition vulnerabilities detected on large cryptocurrency exchanges and made it possible to manipulate the balance.

Automated Tear Machines

Meadow Ellis

Short, yet packed with information talk about why ATMs are bad, why they are a literal magnet for criminals, what types of attacks do actually happen and why it is so bloody hard to do any kind of research on them, unless you are  a criminal. I won't bore you with stuff you can read on Wikipedia but rather give you an overview of terms, parts and crazy things people do to either get the money out of you or out of an ATM itself. And, what can you do to try and protect yourself and what to do when you see something 'that doesn't look right'. Don't tear off the magstripe from your card, though.

What happens when businesses decide to enrol cryptocurrency cards

Timur Yunusov

Cryptocurrencies are the new black. They are everywhere, and even your grandparents may now be gossiping about them. In this talk we will make an overview of risks that your brand new cryptocurrency card may carry with it.